yoga for weigh loss

How Yoga Can Help with Weight Loss

yoga for weigh lossThere are still many people who do not know the weight loss benefits of yoga yet. In fact, a lot of them might be asking questions like “how can you lose weight without dropping a sweat?”  Fortunately, this claim on yoga weight loss is validated with scientific studies. For example, in one study conducted in Seattle, subjects who were performing yoga reduced weight by an average of 5 pounds while those who didn’t eventually gained an average of 20 pounds.

Here are a a few reasons how yoga is beneficial for weight loss and well being

1. Yoga Helps Relaxes Body and Mind

When you are overweight, it is simply an indication that something is not right or balanced in your body and your life as a whole.  Stress is one of the main reasons why we gain wait!  When you practice yoga, it relaxes your mind and body and will assist in weight loss.  According to research, practicing yoga burns more fat than stretching!


2. Yoga Activates Different Internal Organs that are Responsible with Weight Regulation

Medically speaking, weight gain is some causes internal organs not to function at their optimum..  For example, doing shoulder stand or fish pose can help correct dysfunction of the thyroid gland.  This internal organ secretes hormones responsible for regulation of body metabolism.  Yoga helps maintain liver functions , as we all know the liver is responsible for cleansing and detoxification of the body. When your liver is strong, healthy, and functional, it can easily encourage good fats to work and discard bad fats.

Yoga Helps Balance pH Level of the Body               

When your body has low pH level (too acidic); it will build a defense mechanism to protect itself from high acidity by storing fat. When this thing happens, not only will you gain weight but fats will also clog up your veins and arteries.  As a result, the heart will be forced to double time its function to regulate blood circulation and if this is not managed, the heart eventually get tired and that’s when heart attack occurs. Majority of people who have weight problems tend to have high acidity levels in the body.

Yoga Helps Activate the Muscles

Regardless of what position you perform, yoga activates your muscles and when your muscles are active, it uses fats as fuel for different muscles activated doing yoga.  In other words, the more active your body, the more fat you burn.  Arm balancing yoga position is one of the best stances you can perform when it comes to losing weight. Here, not only are the arms and shoulders engaged but also the lower part of the body.   It is a great way to build stamina and strength.