foods to avoid for weight loss

5 Things to Never Eat While Trying to Lose Weight! (#5 Will Shock You!)

1. Fruit  Juice

I know, I know! this is my biggest weakness too! I love me some freshly squized apple or orange juice. But the truth is it takes about 6 oranges to make one cup of orange juice, so when you drink the orange juice, you are drinking all the calories from all those oranges without the fiber that help make you full. If you are trying to lose weight, the best liquid to drink is plain old water!

2. Booze

It is best to ban all alcohol while trying to lose weight! That include Tequila too my friend!  Although I personally would like to belief that tequila is a super food 🙂 The truth is that it is not!  Alcohol is toxic to your body and is taxing on your organ especially your liver.  Alcohol is also known to increase the body’s release of cortisol,  which in turn enables the body to retain more fat instead of burn it!

3. Processed foods and snacks

I always tell everyone that is trying to lose weight to shop for their snacks in the grocery aisle. Process foods are full of hidden ingredients that will not only make you gain weight but might also cause your body more prone to diseases such as  cancer. Be on the look out for corn syrup, food colors and synthetic preservatives

4.  Bought smoothies

Be wary of smoothies that you buy from specialty shops or already bottled in supermarkets! They have very high sugar content and sometimes contain synthetic preservatives.

The best way  to have a smoothie is to make it yourself. Be sure to include lots of veggies such kale, carrots, cucumber and spinach.

5. Salads

I am all about salads! I think they healthy and can help you lose lots of weight if consumed the right way! However, sometimes the salad dressing will have as much calories as a candy bar!  SHOCKING?? I KNOW!  When at a restaurant be sure to ask for the dressing on the side and use the dressing very sparingly.

If possible, try and make your own at home, it is easy, healthy and you do not have to worry about having consuming too many unnecessary calories! So remember , just eat as much salad as you can just remember to watch the amount of dressing you are using

In conclusion, awareness is the biggest ally for your weight loss.  The more you put yourself in the drivers seat and educate yourself, the easier it will be for you to be in control of your weight and healthy.  Remember, knowledge is power!