3 Strange Facts About Oranges that Will Shock you!

cool-orange-juice-factsOranges are amazing and so yummy! They are full of vitamin c and do not spoil easily.  There is nothing like freshly juiced orange juice to start your day right? Well this 3 strange facts about oranges will totally blow your mind!

1. Most types of oranges are actually green even when 100% ripe. The reason most oranges in supermarkets are orange is because they are sprayed and exposed to etheylene gas which breaks down the chlorophyll in the oranges, giving them the beautiful orange color that consumers love!

2. There are over 600 varieties of oranges! The most popular ones are Valencia
Pineapple Oranges
Temple Oranges
Washington Navel
Red Cara Navel
Blood Oranges
Amber sweet

3. Oranges in the ancient times were known as the fruit of the ‘gods’.  They are often referred to as the ‘golden apples’ that Hercules lost.

Well now that you know this amazing facts, next time you are at a boring party or meet a stranger, you know exactly what to say! Just share this amazing facts.