benefits of manuka honey

7 Manuka Honey Benefits and Uses that Will Blow Your Mind

benefits of manuka honeyThe 7 amazing uses of Manuka honey are as real as possible. Even researchers are surprised when they see that this natural product has power when it comes to fighting bacteria. Antibiotics are no longer effective on several types of bacteria, but this wonder honey seems to work.

A variety of Tea Tree from Australia and New Zealand, Manuka is a perennial shrub with leaves. The honey that is made from it contains hydrogen peroxide, which is a well-known and effective antiseptic. Unfortunately, other types of honey don’t have this unique property.

Because the uses of Manuka honey are so varied, it can be found in antibacterial gels, in combination with apple cider vinegar and even in lip balms and moisturizers. Besides these uses of Manuka honey, researchers from New Zealand discovered that it has a higher bactericidal action than certain antibiotics and that, for instance, it may act on MRSA, which stands for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus that is basically an infection.

Several other studies followed the one from New Zealand and were conducted by scientists from Germany and Scotland. They found that some of the uses of Manuka honey are for wounds, scars, burns, fungal infections, stomach ulcers, canker sores, sinusitis, sore throats, blood circulation and immune system. In addition, it can be preserved and used whenever needed without losing its properties.

  1. Manuka honey has antioxidant properties that protect against free radicals. These are responsible for a range of health problems, such as accelerated aging and cell damage. It is not the only product with antioxidant properties, but one can never have enough of that.
  2. It fights against bacteria and viruses, as well as against fungus. It is also a powerful expectorant. It contributes to the effective discharge of mucus from the throat, bronchi and sinuses. A real help for those who catch a cold and want to treat themselves naturally. The essential oil obtained from this shrub has anti-infective action against all pathogens.
  3. Manuka honey can be used to fight respiratory, urinal and vaginal infections. In addition, it can be applied on any type of skin infection because it is tolerated by the skin and has a nice consistency.
  4. It treats boils, blisters, ulcers, herpes and other small wounds. Various burns, rashes and insect bites can be treated with this amazing type of honey as well. It is like an universal ointment.
  5. Manuka honey can be used to treat numerous dental and gingival inflammations and infections too. For example, if applied on inflamed gums, it acts rapidly and calms the irritation.
  6. The essential oil obtained from Manuka can ease allergy symptoms, such as those to pollen and animal fur. Most probably, the honey has the same effect, but it must be consumed in larger quantities.
  7. Overall, it has an amazing effect on one’s immune system if ingested for a longer period of time, constantly. Also, it regulates blood circulation, so it can’t be overlooked as a natural solution with long-term results.