Dangers of Genetically modified foods

What is GMO Food and How It’s Silently Killing You

Dangers of Genetically modified foodsGMO food stands for genetically modified food. It is made especially for human or animal consumption using the latest molecular biology technologies. Most of them consist of the alteration of the DNA structure, which is the substance that holds genetic information. This process is needed in order to confer superpowers to certain foods. More specifically, they become larger and look better. Also, they become resistant to pests and to various types of temperatures. For example, for strawberries to grow in northern countries, they had to be genetically modified in order to resist lower temperatures. This would be impossible to achieve naturally, but by using bioengineering, it was done in one year.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, more than 40 types of food met the government requirements and received the green light for commercialization. Among these are tomatoes, potatoes, corn and soybeans that are genetically modified to handle pests, herbicides, frost and heat. Among the other foods that may be genetically modified are cotton seeds, papaya, rice, canola, peas and dairy products. In fact, they made a type of red rice that contains Vitamin A and is actually a combination of rice and carrots. As for Europeans, they are not so thrilled about GMO food, leaving the Americans to take over production. Coincidence or not, America is among the countries with the highest obesity rate. Very few people are actually aware that they buy and eat genetically modified products in America.

Specialists have different opinions about GMO food and its effects on people’s health. The Pope and Prince William have spoken freely about this aspect. Individuals who disagree with this procedure come from various circles and fields of activity. In addition, there are scientists who have tested GMO food like corn and soy on rats and got worrying results. The risks on one’s health are not yet fully known, but allergies are among the most frequent affections generated by the ingestion of GMO food.

The latest studies show that after repeated consumption of genetically modified products, the subjects suffer irreversible negative effects. For example, a type of corn that was genetically modified and approved for human consumption on the EU market caused serious changes in the liver and kidneys of rats that had consumed it during a scientific study. This study dates back in 2007 and it was conducted in France. Another example is a similar experiment that took place in Russia. Among every type of GMO food, they chose soy, which they used to feed mice. The results indicated serious changes to their internal organs (kidney, liver and testicles), at cellular level and weight loss. Also, this GMO food was blamed for infant mortality, increased aggressiveness and loss of maternal instinct in rats. Moreover, in recent years, many children from Europe and the United States have developed allergies to peanuts and other foods. Specialists believe that this is due to all the genetically modified products they have eaten.