overweight pet exercises

Is Your Pet Overweight? 7 Exercises that Your Pet will Love

overweight pet exercisesDo you have an overweight pet? If the answer is yes, then you will love these 7 exercises that will help your pet lose weight and have fun at the same time. At the same time you can spend quality time with your pet too, but sometimes these activities involve the company of other pets or organized games. In any case, you might lose a couple of pounds yourself!

  1.  Swimming

If you are the lucky owner of a cat or a dog, you can go swimming with them. Find a place that is pet friendly and join your furry friend in the water. Don’t worry about teaching your pet to swim. These animals know how to swim instinctively. Encourage your pet to come in the water, do not scare it off by throwing it in the water.

  1. Walking

Walking works wonders for you and for your pet. In case you already walk your pet every day, try to double the walking time until your overweight pet becomes slimmer. You might see results on your weight as well! Walking should be done on long distances, not while trying to maintain a fast pace.

  1. Playing fetch

A dog loves to play fetch with its owner. Dogs are very enthusiastic, so you might not have a hard time luring it into it. Find a ball or a toy that your overweight pet really likes and will probably run faster to get it back. Be patient and continue to play for at least 20 minutes every single day.

  1. Running

Just as in humans, running is great for your overweight pet too. The trick to running is that you should slowly walk your pet first and then increase the pace. Do not try to make it run all of the sudden because it will get tired too fast and it will probably give up.

  1. Playing with other pets

Another fantastic and efficient way to help your overweight pet to lose weight is to take it in places where it can meet other pets. Specialists say that a group of dogs or a group of cats finds interesting and engaging activities when they are together.

  1. The finding game

Your overweight pet can be stimulated by a finding game. You can hide things or low fat treats inside the house or in a yard and convince your pet to find them. This is a game that mostly works with dogs, but cats are good finders as well once you get their attention.

  1. Stairs climbing

An overweight pet can easily lose weight if you climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Your pet will have nothing else to do but to follow you. However, try not to climb the stairs too fast for the first time. Getting your pet really tired is not the purpose. All these exercises require a lot of patience from your side, as well as consistency.