grain free dog fod

Benefits of Grain Free Dog Food

grain  free dog fodThe dog food available on the market is divided in 2 main categories, depending on the dog’s physiological needs, food meant to meet the dog’s daily nutritional needs and that meant to serve for dieting purposes. Grain free dog food is part of the first category and is available for all dogs, depending on their life stages, such as junior, adult and senior. However, there are also dog foods that are supposed to help dogs with kidney, liver or obesity problems that are also available in the grain free formula. Numerous specialists believe that by not adding grains to a dog’s diet, it becomes a better source of nutrition. As it follows, you will find out more about the benefits of grain free dog food.

  1. Various nutritional experts think that a dog’s diet should consist of foods that it would naturally find and eat in nature. The main idea is that before humans intervened, dogs living in the wild were finding their own food, which didn’t include grains. Even so, dog food that contains vitamins or various other supplements is recommended because it is beneficial for the dog.
  2. Dogs assimilate animal proteins and fats easily. So, food based on less grains and more meat is going to be a lot better for them. Their digestive system are not overworked by unnecessary additions. Dog food producers tend to add certain ingredients just to make the product look bigger and tastier and also to cut down on their production costs.
  3. It is true that carbohydrates are a source of energy, but a dog’s metabolism is built in such way that it processes proteins faster and it absorbs them easily. Grain free dog food ensures a harmonious development and long-term health for dogs which of course is the most  important aspect of any dog owner.
  4. Wheat and corn are known to cause allergies to some dogs. Therefore, if grains are completely excluded from a dog’s diet, it is less prone to developing food allergies. Of course, there are also exceptions, but the main idea is that grains, although digestible, are unnecessary for a dog’s well-being.
  5. Usually dog food without grains contains more sources of animal protein and in most cases,it is also dye,  artificial flavor or chemical preservatives free.  This is a better for the dogs health as natural is always best regardless whether you are human or a dog.

According to several studies, grain free dog food is healthier, but it is also important to know that every dog breed has different nutritional needs. Therefore, there isn’t just one type of food that is recommended for all dogs. With or without grains, it is essential to research and learn more about what your dog is supposed to eat, rather than what food is generally healthy for all dogs. Also, try to opt for all natural types of dog food because those don’t contain chemicals and the ingredients used are 100% natural as well. Sometimes a more expensive product ends up cheaper on the long run because the dog is safe from having health problems.