how to make lip balm diy recipes

How to Make All Natural and Organic Lip Balm at Home

how to make lip balm diy recipes Making your own natural lip balm is easier than you may think! All you need is a few natural ingredients in order to obtain a delicious product that you know for sure is healthier than anything you can find on the market. In addition, you can choose its flavor and its color based on your preferences.

Your lips are like your skin. Sometimes, they are even more sensitive than your skin is, so they need special care, especially during the cold season. For a proper hydration, you can make your own natural lip balm without spending too much money and being afraid that what you buy is full of chemicals. As it follows, you will find 3 recipes that you will simply adore making and using as often as you need.

  1. Honey is an efficient moisturizer

Besides the fact that honey tastes delicious, it is also extremely moisturizing for your lips and confers them softness. In order to make your own natural lip balm, you need the following ingredients: 0.3 oz beeswax, 1 fl oz Jojoba oil and one teaspoon of honey. You should mix the Jojoba oil with the beeswax in a bowl and put them in a steam bath to melt. Next, you should add the honey that you should previously warm up a little. Mix well and then put the composition in various recipients. Wait until it hardens and then use it!

  1. Cocoa is an efficient softener

Another natural lip balm recipe that you can easily prepare at home is the one containing cocoa. The needed ingredients are 3 spoons of beeswax, 1 teaspoon of Shea butter, 1 teaspoon cocoa butter and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. Also, you can add a teaspoon of cocoa powder. Mix the Shea butter, the beeswax and the cocoa butter in a bowl and let them melt in a steam bath. Once the composition is homogenous, you put the other ingredients in and pour it in small containers.

  1. Almond is an efficient highlighter

If your lips are dry almost all the time, then you might need a natural lip balm based on almonds. When added in such a mixture, almonds are creamy, moisturizing and they have a highlighting effect. In order to prepare this healthy treat for your lips you need 2 spoons of beeswax, 0.7 oz coconut oil, 1 spoon of honey and 0.7 fl oz of almond extract. Just like in the case of the other 2 recipes, the ingredients must melt in a steam bath. Next, the honey and the almond extract should be added before pouring the resulted product in small vessels.

In conclusion, it is not difficult at all for you prepare your own cosmetic products at home. The advantages are not only price-wise, but also a healthier way to care for your lips without worrying about side effects and possible allergic reactions because of compounds that were synthetically made and are not suited for everyone to use.