how to get rid of dandruff home remedies

How To Get Rid of Dandruff Using Natural Home Remedies

how to get rid of dandruff home remediesDandruff is one of the most common hair problems and also quite embarrassing.There are many ways to get rid of dandruff, both natural and or/medication. If you have ever tried medicated shampoos with no results, using natural methods might be a good idea because not only are they very effective, they are also very cost effective.

1. Mix Aspirin with Your Favorite Shampoo

Aspirin has many unusual uses and getting rid of dandruff the natural way is just one of them.  Simply pulverize the tablet and mix it with your favorite shampoo when you lather your hair.  Leave it on for several minutes before rinsing the hair thoroughly to remove the powder.  The reason why aspirin is effective is that it contains salicylates which is the same active ingredient found in medicated shampoos.

2. Use Baking Soda to Massage Your Hair

After wetting your hair, pour a generous amount of baking soda into the palm, then rub it onto your hair and massage on the scalp gently. Leave on for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly afterwards.  Baking soda has high pH level; thus, it helps reduce scalp itchiness and sucks out dirt and grime clinging on your hair.  As a matter of fact, many popular anti-dandruff products have baking soda as their main ingredient.

3. Improve Hair Brushing Habits

Poor hair brushing habit contributes to the development of dandruff as it is natural for the scalp to shed off dead skin cells from time to time.  It is important to maintain proper brushing or combing of your hair to exfoliate dead cells which if not brushed might contribute to dandruff.  Do it at least twice a day.

4. Make an Orange Peel Pack

Orange peel is high in vitamin C which helps maintain healthy hair. Its natural level of acidity helps lower excess oil and conditions your hair.  Just mix lemon juice and orange peel in a food processor and bring it to paste consistency.  Apply the paste to your scalp for 30 minutes and rinse with your favorite shampoo afterwards.  For best results, do it at least 2 to 3 times a week.

5. Develop Good Hygiene Habits

Aside from combing and brushing your hair properly, it is also important that you shampoo evenly and rinse your hair thoroughly as always.  Make sure you have enough time to spend for both shampooing and rinsing so that you do not rush and leave shampoo residues into your hair which may lead to encouraging dandruff causing fungus to grow.

6. Avoid Stressful Situations

Stress contributes to dandruff!Something else to keep in mind, is that when most people are stressed out, they tend to eat an unhealthy diet that can result in  skin, hair, and scalp problems.  Remember to offset stress by eating food rich in Vitamin B and zinc in order to maintain a healthy scalp and hair.

7. Get Plenty of Sunshine in the Morning

Vitamin D helps in the production of natural skin oil.  You can get this vitamin the natural way by soaking your hair to sun rays early in the morning when it is not too hot.  Sunlight can help improve the overall health of hair and scalp and reduces dandruff infection.

In conclusion, getting rid of dandruff need not be expensive, especially with natural cures. It is all about consistency and eating healthy.