heavy menstrual bleeding natural cures

7 Amazing Natural Cures for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

heavy menstrual bleeding natural cures Suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding is definitely unpleasant and since it occurs once per month, you have to find a natural remedy to ease your symptoms. Besides having to deal with heavy menstrual bleeding, you are also most probably feeling tired, have headaches, feel nauseated and so on. Shortness of breath and lethargy are known to affect women with menstrual problems as well.

Heavy menstrual bleeding may be caused by a number of worrying factors, but if you went to the gynecologist and you don’t have uterine polyps, ectopic pregnancy or hormonal imbalances, then you can turn to natural cures. In addition, you also have to make sure that your issue is not caused by certain drugs prescribed for other affections.

  1. Foods rich in iron. Iron is known to be a very important mineral especially for women who suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding. This is because when you eliminate blood, the iron is also eliminated from your body. Try to eat more green vegetables, red meat, raisins, prunes, pumpkin seeds and egg yolk. Supplements are also recommended.
  2. Apple cider vinegar. This is effective because it determines your body to eliminate toxins. It is also recommended for balancing your hormone levels. It eases cramps and headaches as well. You can consume it by mixing a few tablespoons in a glass of water. Although this is definitely not tasty, try to drink it 3 times a day when you need it.
  3. This fruit works in case of heavy menstrual bleeding because it contains something called tannins. The latter reduces abdominal pain and it also helps strengthening the uterine muscles. If you don’t have access to fresh raspberry, then you can consume powder or tea.
  4. Chili Pepper. It’s amazing how chili pepper can work on so many levels in our bodies. It relieves heavy bleeding and it also balances the entire hormonal system. In addition, it takes care of the blood flow and tries to normalize it. Mix chili pepper powder in a glass of warm water together with honey for a better flavor.
  5. Coriander seeds. These seeds can help stop massive bleeding during menstruation. Their action is similar with the one of raspberry and chili pepper. You have to boil the seeds in water before you drink the mixture. Remember that it is okay to sweeten this drink with honey or brown sugar.
  6. Cinnamon: In case your problem is caused by the fact that you are affected by fibrosis, then you can rely on cinnamon. This is because it is a good anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic, relieving pain caused by abdominal cramps. Mix it with hot water before ingesting it. Add cinnamon oil if you think it’s necessary.
  7. Comfrey: This plant also has amazing properties. It is very effective for reducing an eventual profuse bleeding. It actually acts directly on the blood vessels, making them narrower. Therefore, the blood flow is slower. Comfrey should be prepared with hot water and only consumed once a day.