essential oils for natural acne treatment

5 Best Essential Oils for Natural Acne Treatment

essential oils for natural acne treatment

The best essential oils for acne have amazing effects because they work on the outside and also on the inside. They can be used undiluted or diluted in oils such as olive oil and coconut oil. In fact, the only essential oils for acne that can be applied directly on your face are tea tree oil and lavender oil. Every one of the essential oils for acne can be used regardless of your skin type, but the vegetable oil that you choose should not block your pores. For example, grape seed oil is an excellent choice if you have a normal or oily skin type. Conversely, if your skin is very sensitive, then you should use the essential oils for acne in smaller amounts than they are recommended. The results may appear immediately or in less than a week, depending on each organism.

  1. Tea tree oil

This oil obtained from tea tree can be used as an antibacterial treatment, fact which makes it a great choice in the fight against acne. It soothes irritations, rashes, burns, acne and treats fungal infections and warts. The healing properties of this oil make it one of the best essential oils for acne. Used as treatment for acne, the tea tree oil works fast, reinvigorates the skin and it also soothes the affected areas.

  1. Bergamot oil

This oil obtained from bergamot has a revitalizing fragrance and it is compatible with other oils alike. It has antibacterial effects, helps with the removal of pigmentation spots and ameliorates oily skin. Besides being a good tonic for the skin, it has a calming effect on the mind and soul.

  1. Clove Oil

Clove oil has a strong purifying effect. It is soothing, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory. One f the best benefits of this oil, is that it is very powerful and works fast. Clove oil can be used for skin problems such as acne, bruises, burns and cuts thanks to its disinfectant properties.

  1. Lavender oil

Lavender oil has antibacterial, antiseptic, healing and soothing properties. It can be used as a preventive acne treatment that effectively stops blemishes from occurring. Also, it is recommended for all skin types because of its rejuvenating and healing powers. Even if it is very concentrated, you can apply it directly on your face in order to benefit from its anti fungal properties.

  1. Rosewood oil

This oil made of rosewood is highly aromatic. Rosewood oil is excellent for people with excessively oily skin, it reduces the sebum production when it is applied topically. If you have dry or sensitive skin, we do not recommend using this oil to treat acne. In addition, it improves the condition of mature skin and reduces wrinkles. Because of its powerful regenerative properties, it can be applied on the areas previously affected by acne for scarring.

One of the best things about using essential oil to treat acne is that you do not have to worry about numerous side effects of conventional medicine and they are also at the same time, way much cheaper than traditional medication.